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We are a London-based interior design studio specialising in residential projects of all sizes.  Our work is mainly in Central London, however we have undertaken several projects in the US and in France.


Our principle, Debra McQuin, trained at KLC School of Design and became a Member of the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) in 2009.  She also brings to the practice many years of business experience as a senior-level executive in the advertising industry. Debra’s skill in managing projects for global companies such as Kraft, Mars and Gillette, ensures that our interior design projects are marked by professionalism, clear communication and financial transparency.


We pride ourselves on the strong, personal relationships we build with our clients, as evidenced by the number of “repeat customers” and word-of-mouth referrals we receive.

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Country House


Everyone loves a Cinderella story, and this house was a real case of rags to riches.  When we came on board the house was a ruin, with the roof caved in and very little left inside, other than the remnants of a once-beautiful staircase.


With the help of a French project manager and teams of local artisans, we rebuilt the house from top to bottom.  Everything–from the big items like the trussed attic roof and the walled pool, to the small things like the antique light switches and hand-made kitchen tiles—had our magic wand waved over it.


It took two years, but the end result is an elegant, comfortable house, fit for any prince or princess.

New York City



If it’s true that life imitates art, then this family of six are on the cutting edge!  Inspired by their world-class contemporary art collection, we transformed this 9000 sq. ft. faded glory into a modern masterpiece.


When the walls are filled with De Koonings and Hirsts, the bar is set pretty high.  So we designed new architectural features, such as the staircase and main fireplaces, and had them crafted by stone and metal workers who are artists in their own right.  We chose sculptural furniture–the sinuous living room sofa is a favourite–and painterly finishes to complete the look.


Lived-in and much loved, this house is now a real work of art.

Earl’s Court



This flat is a testament to the adage that good things come in small packages. A mere 1200 sq. ft. in size, we’ve given it plenty of the same luxurious features found in our larger projects.


Texture plays a big part, with silk wallpaper, teak tiles, and soft wool curtains adding richness. We also designed bespoke joinery to use every bit of space to best advantage. And since more space is still the ultimate luxury, we re-vamped the garden to create another room complete with built-in barbeque and seating. Now if only the British weather would cooperate!




Is it possible to bring a bit of the Continent to SW1?  Mais oui!  This French couple hired us to oversee the total renovation of their “Pont Street Dutch” house, situated a stone’s throw from Harrod’s. A total reconfiguration of the floorplan gave the couple the flowing space and grand entertaining rooms they craved, while the addition of a new basement room under the garden created a family playroom for their 3 young children.


The colour palette was restrained in the main rooms and French antiques were liberally mixed with contemporary pieces. Elegant finishes such as verre églomisé and galuchat were incorporate into the bespoke joinery.  All of which made this a home withthat “je ne sais quoi”.




What did our Aussie client do when she needed more space in her Chelsea house? She dug down under!


With the brief calling for the kind of open-plan, open-air living more common in Sydney than in London, we created a sleek kitchen/dining/living space on the lower ground floor with great light and sightlines throughout. The bright-white, bespoke kitchen joinery carries through into the dining area, providing oodles of storage, a hidden office and even a fireplace. The family area opens onto a small, but airy garden.


The new basement has a playroom and, most importantly, a comfortable guest suite. Because when family and friends make the trip from Down Under, they tend to stay for more than just a few days!




Bostonians are known for having more staid, conservative tastes than their “flashy” New York or West Coast neighbours. But this flat, in one of the oldest parts of the city, gleefully throws New England tradition out the window. The owner loves strong colour, exuberant pattern and luxurious textures, so we gave her plenty of each.


The open-plan family areas have a peacock blue and chartreuse scheme with patterned curtains and rugs.  The master bedroom, while styled in more neutral browns and greys, has bold patterned wallpaper and curtains in the same hues.


But if designers are allowed to have “favourite children”, ours has to be the Tiffany-themed bedroom. Accessorised with crystal and faux fur, it has an Audrey Hepburn-like elegance that even the most conventional Bostonian can appreciate.

Notting Hill



The “don’t move, improve” philosophy has been adopted by the owners of this house in the heart of Notting Hill, where, along with Nash Baker Architects, we transformed a cramped and outdated Victorian house into a modern, light, family home.


A simple design palette—herringbone floors, white walls, limed-oak joinery—gives the house a calmness and cohesion. We complemented this with a mix of contemporary and mid-century furnishings that are stylishly elegant, but also robust enough for family life.


Beautiful Red Tap Shot with Patterned Tiles: French Country House



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